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steve“I had not been to school for 30 years and going back for a degree was intimidating. I could not be happier I chose to go through the Jackson County Learning Center because they helped me find the resources I needed to succeed in school. Computers were my weakest area and all the paperwork for school had to be completed online. The staff at the Learning Center sat down and showed me how to navigate through the sites. I really appreciated the time they took to help me so I could have a better future. I also enjoyed going to class and networking with other students.”
Steve Lanam- 54 yrs old


melissa“I love the convenience of the Learning Center being in Seymour. Having a family and working full-time would have made it extremely difficult to travel outside of Seymour for classes. The 2-way and webcast offered at the Learning Center were vital resources to me, because I would not have been able to complete the degree I was pursuing if it were not for these options. The Learning Center opens doors we do not even know exist. I actually received my current full-time job through networking I did while in class.” Melissa Atwood

katie“If it were not for the Jackson County Learning Center I would not have made it this far. They provided college classes close to home. When money is tight this is a wonderful option! The Learning Center also provides some of the greatest teachers doing what they do best.”
Katie Gorbett

paula“If I had questions, the Learning Center had answers. They helped me get the ball rolling on my FAFSA and made me feel less overwhelmed about the whole process. Being a single mom with no gas money, the Jackson County Learning Center gave me a wonderful place to begin my higher education journey. I continued my education at IUPUC where I earned my BS. I don’t have a job anymore, I have a career.”
Paula Riley


lesleyI am currently working on my Master’s through the distance program at the University of Alabama. I needed a local proctor affiliated with a college or university and the Jackson County Learning Center was able to meet my needs. Having this resource here in Jackson County was a great convenience to me and allowed me to take my exams locally, rather than drive to Bloomington or Columbus. This in part saved me time and allowed me to schedule my exams when it fit my schedule, between seeing my patients at the hospital. Amy Heideman has been great to work with, too! The Learning Center is a wonderful, much needed resource to the community.”
Lesley Lenderman, RD,CD

Jackson County Learning Center

The mission of the Jackson County Learning Center (JCLC) is about you. The Jackson County Learning Center provides necessary educational and workforce support services for community members and fosters an atmosphere of lifelong learning and career development.By creating a comfortable atmosphere for learning, providing a very broad range of continuing education opportunities, and emphasizing one-on-one assistance — the JCLC’s staff will help you step up and reach your goals.

JCLC offers a variety of solutions to help you improve your job skills. Maybe you would like to earn or complete your high school or college degree through the resources available at JCLC.

You might choose to learn or improve your skills on the computer for your own personal use or for career-related advancement.

And you'll find that by studying new industrial, technical, or health care related skills through JCLC, you will improve your career path and the money that comes with it!

Onsite JCLC coordinators provide assistance with registration, assessment testing, and career information. You'll find the experience at the JCLC to be very friendly, positive, and helpful in achieving your goals.

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